Find our differents tools for broadcasts :

Plugin TV by Gentlemen Racers :

Paddock TV is at the origin of this plug in TV after tens hours of broadcast to improve realism. For this the Gentlemen Racers and mainly Amphiprion has realised a first test version on rFactor 1 and a public version on rfactor 2.

Find thoses elements :

  1. The last version of the plugin TV for rFactor
  2. User interface made by Paddock TV

Spotter Guides :

Spotter guides are used during Paddock TV’s broadcasting to show differents cars of each championship.

Find thoses elements :

  1. The last version templates to create a spotter guide with Paddock TV’s design
  2. All spotter guides used by Paddock TV’s broadcast

Logos et textures packs :

Used by developpers, drivers, teams and organisers to carry Paddock TV’s colors and show us on tracks.

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