About Paddock TV


After a short broadcasting expérience during some Sim Racing races, I had the opportunity to try TV broadcast with on other chanel to help the cameraman with my commentary. This experience on several races was my best experience before Paddock TV. Few times later, I control the camera on an other TV chanel which stop broadcasting few years ago. This was a revelation; synchronise commentary and video one the same broadcast.

At the begining of 2012, the idea stuck in my head and on may 2012 I had a great opportunity to create my own web TV chanel. A team is searching about a Sim Racing chanel to broadcast they endurance championship races. In few days, Paddock TV was born.

What is Paddock TV ?

Paddock TV is a broadcast chanel for Sim Racing races in live or in replay. We can broadcast full races championship or event races, sprint races or endurances races. If you want we can broadcast Qualification and Warm Up but Paddock TV does not broadcast Free practice sessions and pré Qualification. If it is necessary, it is possible to broadcast one or more training races. It will be a good way to check that all is working good.

You will understand, the main goal is promote Sim Racing and give it more visibility.

Paddock TV is it for ?

Paddock TV is for whole community; the Sim Racing Community. Organizers, drivers and teams made races but for TV studio functionnment and commentary Paddock TV is leading. Paddock TV is for the moment only one person and there is a lot of work. But all broadcast is oppurtunity for our contribution  to get the best quality.

If you want to help us, even ponctually, do not hesitate to contact us by the forms in contact section of the website.

They contribute

Community sharing is essentiel for a great broadcast. Some people had contribute at Paddock TV by helping us. They go with Paddock TV sometimes shortly, and sometimes on a long period and for this we would like to thamks us. Thoses persons are :

  • Geofrroy Lettier (US Racing.com)
  • Adrien-Ludoovic Chappert (BAM eSport | i-FRN)
  • Joel Van Praet (JFT Motorsport | i-FRN)
  • Migreg (Genlemen Racers)
  • Cedric Colléau (Seth Racing Team | i-FRN)
  • Yann Buisson (TGDC Motorsport | i-FRN)
  • Olive (i-FRN)
  • Matt Michez (i-FRN)
  • Julien (Genlemen Racers)
  • Mathieu (FFSCA)
  • MattSltole (FRX)
  • Greg

We hope the list will be longer next time you read this page.

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