Try new GT3 cars on with us in live !

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New GT3

We introduce a new events on Paddock TV with live test with our fans. On 8th of march new Audi R8 LMS Ultra Video Trailer and new Mercedes AMG GT GT3 Video trailer will be published and available for all members. We like GT3 and we are sure that lots of our fan love them too. We will realised a live stream to present this new cars but we wouldn’t do it alone.

Join us for session with a race ton conclued this live présentation. We will offered some giveaway to our fans. Results will be published on website and winners will be contacted by mail.

Date : 12 march 2016 at 10h00 (GMT+1)

Session setup :

  • Duration session : 2 hours
  • Track : Spa-Francorchamps Endurance
  • Number of slot : 60
  • Session :
    • Practice : 60 minutes
    • Qualifying : 20 minutes
    • Race : 40 minutes (Rolling start)
  • Marble not clean. Track state start at 50% and carry over at each session
  • Full course cautions off
  • 12 incident points max
  • Licence : minimum Road D-3.0

How to join us for racing:

    • active account to join session
    • Get 1 of the following cars below
      • Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT3
      • BMW Z4 GT3
      • Ford GT GT3
      • McLaren MP4-12C GT3
      • Mercedes AMG GT GT3
      • Ruf RT 12R Track
    • Spa-Fancorchamps track
    • Send additionnal informations by the link in the yellow box below :
      • Name
      • First name
      • E-mail
      • Write as subject : GT3 test
If a part of this informations are missing you can’t join server. Session name and password will be send by mail only.

How to register for giveaway: (only if you are not iRacing member)

Common presentation part 1 :
Common presentation part 2 :
Audi onboard :
Mercedes Onboard (3 screens) :

Link to see VOD Common presentation part 1

Link to see VOD Common presentation part 2

Link to see VOD Audi onboard

Link to see VOD Mercedes Onboard (3 screens)


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