Watch Endurance Series SP3 on Paddock TV on 16 March !

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After months of developpement, EnduRacers and Gentlemen Racers are on final stage of Endurance Series SP3 developement. Paddock TV propose you to discover the last Endurance Series Service Pack, during a live broadcast.

Broadcast program :

  • 21h00 – 22h40 : Endurance Series SP3 demonstration on track with a race week end
  • 22h50 : End of broadcast

Waiting broadcasting, a interview of EnduRacers :

PTV – After SP2, a SP3 was not plan for rF1. Why a SP3 on rFactor1 and not on new plateform ?

ER – The original plan was to stop developping cars for rF1 after the Endurance Series SP2.1 release. Unfortunately, the potential new platforms (like rF2 or Asetto Corsa) weren’t ready enough and stable enough to move on them. So we’ve waited and kept developping the graphics of our new models on rFactor1.
Few weeks ago, we decided to release them on rFactor1, as the cars were ready on the graphic side and no much work was remaning to be able to release them.

PTV – There is a lot of new cars on this SP3 ? What is the target with the new car list ?

ER – The target was to add more variety on the different classes, to allow more choices for online races. If we take the exemple of the P2 class, we had only 2 “recent” cars (Acura and RS Spyder Evo), and 2 “old” P2 cars, so during races 99% of the drivers were choosing the 2 recent models. With the SP3 cars, people can choose between 4-5 recent cars for each category.


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