Paddock TV land on iRacing Live soon !

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Great news recieved few days ago from, one of the most popular sim racing platform for PC. It’s seems weekly show during USRacing i-FRN Cup Series 2018 create some interest for iRacing. The most famous Fench NASCAR league and their drivers & teams have their fans! Just the time for us to prepare this and have all this informations to allow this, and we find you on iRacing Live !

2017 : Paddock TV needs you !

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In 2016 Paddock Tv has a fully agenda of broadcasts and Highlights. Todays 3 persons are working to offer to you the content and live coverage of events:

  • F.Jinn our video maker for highlight and trailers
  • Snoups as streamer and devlopper
  • Konrad as streamer, content overlay designer, webmaster, coordinator and all the other things to do …

In 2017, I (Konrad) couldn’t allow the same time to Paddock TV due to professional situation. To continue to offer to our fans a regular quality content on Paddock TV, we have to find help to prepare and realise all the channel content and why not propose new content as F. Jinn do few months ago. If you would like to support and being involved in Paddock TV, contact us via FB, Twitter, G+, mail or by the way you want, we will see what we can do together.

Joyeux Noël !

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Paddock TV vous souhaite à tous un joyeux Noël en compagnie de Grégory Ronot.
Grégory Ronot, l’illustrateur du sport automobile : Un sacré coup de crayon que vous reverrez bientôt sur Paddock TV. Ne trainez pas et allez

Retransmissions : Winter Endurance 2013

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Winter Endurance

Les inscriptions de la Winter Endurance 2013 sont close depuis bien longtemps. En effet, les équipes ont afflué et les demandes d’engagement ont été nombreuses. Les qualifications ont eu lieu ce mardi afin de déterminer la grille de départ de cette 3ème édition. 38 autos sont attendues au départ et la course sera à coup sur très mouvementée. Le tracé est long et bien que la course dure

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